BENNING P.S.A.M Doo was founded in 2002 as a private company working in the energy segment. Its primary field of interest is power supply systems, as well as reconstruction and construction of middle voltage/ high voltage transformer substations. The company is comprised of fully skilled and experienced professionals thus providing best end-to-end services. Our experts deliver full project analysis, design and implementation of our services and products. Our portfolio covers different range of highest class world brand distribution of equipment, that along with our knowledge brings reliable, flexible, safe and cost effective project solutions to our customers.

The mission of BENING – PSAM is to provide quality and best performances in the field of power supply, automation, measurement, protection and control. By bringing the latest technology, following the rules of quality management and providing cost effective and highly reliable solutions we ensure that the highest level of support and equipment is brought to the end customers thus giving them the best in our field of activities.

Our vision is to lead the market in LV/MV/HV engineering and representation of world top brands in Macedonia and become the definition of a performance driven company and a superior cost effective company.


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