LV/MV Equipment

Behind the success of every distribution grid there is always simple but very important key fact. Quality, reliability, flexibility, and safety of the substations and the equipment within. Benning PSAM as distributor of Tozzi Green (Tozzi Electrical Equipment), one of the emerging brands of LV/MV equipment offer solutions for each of the elements inside the distributions substation.

ECOSMART PB – SF6 insulated LBS

UPS SYSTEMSECOSMART VCB L – Secondary Distribution Circuit Breaker

ECOSMART VCB F – Primary Distribution Circuit Breaker

ECOSMART VCB FP – Enclosure for Circuit Breaker

ECOSMART OSD – Outdoor SF6 insulated LBS

ECOSMART MIX – air insulated, LSC2A

ECOSMART VG – circuit breaker and disconnector

ECOSMART GIS – SF6 insulated, LSC2A

QMTC – air insulated, LSC2B

QMM90N – Motor Control Center


Protection relays

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