MV/HV Protection and control systems

Following the challenges of the modern age as our grids grow, we encounter power loss, black outs, reducing systems reliability and millions of losses of revenue. In addition, Productions, Transmission and Distribution operators face the challenge of managing complex grids with on and off grid solutions due to the implementation of renewable power.
Therefore, in the first line of solutions we present the brand General Electric. Worldwide leading brand in the field of production, transmission and distribution systems, in all Voltage ranges (LV/MV/HV).
GE’s broad portfolio of substation automation solutions provide customers with the control and automation functions needed to build a smarter, more reliable power grid. Our solutions deliver a smart, cost-effective, short-cycle solution for digitized substations that are scalable to meet the varying needs of utilities across the globe. The high end equipment provides automation and communication trough secure network to provide results for management and control needs, thus minimizing issues in the grid.

Generator Protection

Transmission Protection

Network Stability and Control

Bus Protection

Transformer Protection

Feeder Protection

Merging Units

Motor Protection

Specialized Protection

Digital Metering


Single Function, Auxiliary Relays & Accessories

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