Benning UPS Systems

As the current development of technologies moves forward, almost every system needs a reliable and uninterruptible power source. The combination of RECTIFIER+INVERTER+BATERIES systems incorporated in a single device gives us the UPS Systems. Thus enabling filtration of every aspect of the inaccuracy of the incoming mains, providing stable AC voltage and Frequency. In addition, the batteries are always available to back up the power supply in cases of mains fault.

The band of UPS Systems that we distribute are:

  • High Power UPS-Systems should have maximum reliability but a low cost of ownership. The UPS range ENERTRONIC modular from BENNING comply with these stringent demands.
  • The modular SE UPS systems is WITHOUT SINGLE POINTOF FAILURE  UPS system making It the leading model in the world.


10 kVA – 240 kVA

20 kVA – 1000 kVA

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