BENNING P.S.A.M Doo was founded in 2002 as a private company, starting with a contract for the representation of BENNING GmbH and MAUELL in Macedonia. Its primary field of interest is power supply systems, as well as reconstruction and building middle voltage transformer substations. In the beginning the primary activity was installation of BENNING GmbH power supply system in Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje. As the company grew up, we started with production (assembling) of small power supply units. In the beginning it was the primary switched system and then later we continued with thyristor rectifiers controlled with microprocessor unit THYSAT. For both of those types we made A-attest and certification in Macedonia. Our primary intention was to try to cover field of complete power need on market, and because of that we extend our activity with the delivery of battery and diesel generators.

New field of activity was created, which was installation of primary equipment and protection/control devices in medium voltage transformer station. Part of our activity was also assembling of cabinet with low voltage equipment and cabinets for AC and DC distribution.

As the company became more specialized, we started in the field of installation and reconstruction of transformer substations with different voltage range. The first project was in the beginning (year 2004). The first steps were a project where a complete reconstruction of control and protection equipment in a few hydro power plants in Macedonia was done. On this project we were subcontractors of EMERSON –Poland. Our good experience and reference on this project give as opportunity to follow with this activity in next few years.

Ever since 2012 our main focus is on project design and refurbishment of the control and protection units in the MV/HV substations.

Our projects comprise of complete design, assembly of different type of power distribution cabinets, relay protection cabinets, local signalization cabinets, automatic voltage regulation cabinets, energy management cabinets, as well as installation, testing and start up in the substation.

Some of those projects included complete replacement and installation of 110KV primary equipment.

Our main Investors are EVN, ELEM and MEPSO, all three companies which covered market of electrical production, transmission and distribution in MACEDONIA.



  • Systems for primary Power Supply
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Diesel Electric Generating Sets
  • Fiber optical networks
  • Monitoring
  • Service and maintenance


  • Substation protection
  • Substation control
  • Substation reconstruction
  • Installation of primary equipment up to 110KV
  • Design and assembling of LV/MV cabinets
  • Project design of MV/HV substations


  • Design and assembling of LV and MV cabinets
  • AC/DC distribution
  • Power supply systems
“We are successful because we are selected by the BEST”
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