For every quality LV/MV equipment there is the basics of choosing the right cabinet/enclosure for installation and protection. Benning PSAM offers products from one of the top quality manufacturer of cabinets/enclosures. The manufacturer TEKPAN PANO, offers the diversity of their products complement for every necessity for every industry. The products can sustain even the harshest weather condition and are tested with up to IP 66 degree of protections. Depending of the end customer needs all products are tested and certified with the following standards:

  • IP Protection: (IEC 60529)
  • Mechanical Endurance: IK 10 (IEC 62262)
  • Certificates: UL Listed, TSE, IEC 62208, CE, Gost, Seismic (IEC 60068)
  • TYPE TESTING (IEC 61439)


ARES Wall Mounted Enclosures

DM Wall Mounted Enclosures

TEOS Floor Standing Enclosures

NEO Moduler & Monoblock Floor Standing Enclosures

KMT and KMP Control Desks

Outdoor Cabinets

General Accessories

Flexible Bars

Busbar Supports

Stainless Surface Process Technology

Stainless KT Terminal Boxes

Stainless DM Wall Mounted Enclosures

Stainless DT Floor Standing Enclosures


RC Network Rack Cabinets

Network Accessories

Climate Control Accessories

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